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Advanced Thermal Insulation
“Create Space - Save Energy!”

R-28 per inch insulation for your building project
If energy conservation is important to you and space is at a premium, then consider Vacupor® vacuum insulation panels that deliver incredible insulation performance of R-30 per inch.

Vacupor® panels are available in various types, which are adjusted to the relevant requirements of different applications:
Vacupor® NTis the standard design of our vacuum insulation panel.

For protection purposes, Vacupor® RPis covered on one or both sides of the panel with a sheet of rubber granulate. Due to this coverage, Vacupor® RP is excellent for all types of horizontal applications.

Vacupor® PSand Vacupor® XPSare covered with polystyrene sheets on both sides and are excellent for all types of wall and floor applications. They can be bonded with commercially available polystyrene adhesives.

The new Vacuspeed® systemwas developed to meet the special requirements of the building industry even better. Vacuspeed® allows us to offer a new, flexible system for quick and highly-efficient surface insulation.

Application examples:

Additional details can be found on the Vacupor for Building website or by downloading the technical specification sheets below.

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Key benefits:

  • High insulation qualities: R-value: 30 per inch
  • Vacupor can be used in the temperature range of –50 and 120 degrees Celsius
  • Create space and save energy
  • Vacupor can be recycled and does not pose any health hazards according to European Union health standards
  • Vacupor has very long shelf life