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Modern living with good healthy air!

The ventilation system for your Passive House project

Systemair ventilation systems actually improve the air quality we breathe indoors: after all, we spend 90% of our lives inside. With our system, dust and pollen stay outside, bad odors and pollutants are eliminated from the house and replaced by air with a high-oxygen content.

German engineering for Passive House Standard buildings is the main driver behind the performance and design of the Systemair ventilation system. From compact systems for single-family homes to modular systems up to 3,650 cfm for schools, office buildings and other commercial applications, they are rated with the lowest fan energy use and the highest heat recovery rate in the industry anywhere in the world.

As an integrated ventilation system for a Passive House Standard building, the option list is long, including: preheat with earth tube/loop system, heating and cooling coils connected to heat pump, dampers to by-pass and/or recirculate. Systemair ventilation units can be equipped with unit/ project specific controls provided by Systemair or be connected to a building managemnt system.

For certain Passive House projects, a complete ventilation system including all necessary components can be provided.

Available Systems:

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Key benefits and data points:

  • Flat plate heat recovery from 80% up to 95%
  • Systems available from 353cfm to 3,650 cfm
  • High efficient EC fans motors from ebmpapst
  • Modular design with many accessory options
  • Simple installation of modular design using double sealed connecting rings
  • Passive House Institute certified