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InnoFlex Duct system

The air distribution system for the Passive House
InnoFlex air distribution tubing system, along with the Lüfta ventilation system, completes all the necessary ventilation components for a Passive House project. With its flexible tubing, the InnoFlex modular system allows an easy and fast installation. All the materials are made from polyethylene (PE) and are sanitary and odor free; an anti-static additive minimizes dust depositing.

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InnoFlex duct system components:

  • Modular Distribution Boxes (manifold)
    • Base with 6 connectors can be installed in series to 12 and 18 connector
    • Size; 400x400x 84mm
    • Low installation depth 84mm
  • Flexible Duct Tubing
    • Double wall flexible duct tubing
    • Smooth interior for minimal air flow resistance
    • Size; DN 75 (id 63mm – 2.5”) and DN 63 (id 52mm – 2.0”)
    • Air and water tight according to DIN EN 1610
  • Register Boot for Supply and Return
    • Ceiling and wall application
    • Double tube connector for the following system layouts:
      • 1 DN 63; 9cfm (15m3/hr) airflow
      • 2 DN 63; 18cfm (30m3/hr) airflow
      • 1 DN 75; 12cfm (20m3/hr) airflow
      • 2 DN 63; 24cfm (40m3/hr) airflow
  • Stainless Steel Supply and Return Grill
    • Continuously adjustable
    • Washable filter inserts for kitchen and bathroom exhaust
  • Other Components:
    • Insulated rigid pipe for fresh and exhaust air
    • Galvanized exterior wall fresh and exhaust air grill