Welcome! We offer innovative, high-quality building products from Europe to bring high-performance buildings to life in North America.

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  • Stephan Tanner
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Welcome! We offer innovative building products from Europe that can be used in high-performance buildings constructed right here in North America.

My name’s Stephan Tanner, co-founder of Peak Building Products, along with my son Robert. I’ve been involved in sustainable design for more than 30 years – in Europe and in North America – as an architect, as an owner, as someone who’s passionate about creating highly efficient buildings. When you bring such buildings to life – buildings that surpass North American sustainable design standards and achieve world-class certification such as the German PassivHaus Standard – you need superior high-performance products. Since these innovative products are not available in the U.S., I continue to receive requests from visionary colleagues who want more information about these products and how to purchase them.

That’s why my son Robert and I created Peak Building Products. Contact us to learn about any of our products today.

If you’re committed to beautiful, comfortable and uncompromised sustainable design, we’ll help you make it a reality.